Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nothing much

Waiting for the storm and nothing is moving out there! NOTHING - not a leaf is twitching, kind of creepy. Of course, my DH wants to go to the trail and clean the culverts.......guess who his non-volunteer buddy is? I get to stay at the top of this embankment (= huge drop off) and hang around while he goes into the culvert to clean out whatever is blocking it. On a normal day this is not too boring, today I would rather stay home.
I put away all my charming garden ornaments so they won't blow away or get broken. What a good girl.

Since last posting, I made a lightweight jacket. I have had this fabric for a while and just love it (rayon batik,) so thought I would take a break from hand bags.  

Today I am making another handbag in a teal/blue/green family. I am using one of the vintage trims I bought at the show as well as my potter friends buttons.

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