Friday, December 23, 2011

Food and the connected memories it brings

I just finished reading Melody Johnson's post about perogies and the memories it invoked. Got me to thinking about my childhood food favorites.

My Grandmother used to make Gorton or a meat (pork) spread. I loved that! I have made it as well, but it just wasn't Grammys, if you know what I mean? We also loved to get toast on the stove that my Aunt made for us. My older brother and I always wanted the piece with the white square in it. This is before they owned a toaster and had this great gas stove with a flat cook top and covers. Such was life with French Canadian Grandparents.

I grew up in a very diversified neighborhood of all different nationalities - which meant all kinds of small grocery stores selling the yummy specialties that I grew to love.
We had a small Polish market on the street behind us - best kielbasa and bubka, in front of us was Syrian - we used to get fresh pita bread and simsen (sp?) right out of the oven for .08 a large pita and .15 for simsen.  To the left was Canadian and to the right was a mix of all kinds of people. We used to go up to the Italian section of town on our bikes for pastries, lemon slush, olives and bread. That part of town provided a feast for a buck!  OI! What delights.

Today I will bake cookies and pecan pie for a family gathering tomorrow night. Yes, we will have other food, but I only bake pecan pie once a year, so.....

Christmas dinner, we will be having a Greek Lamb stew with Caesar salad. Should be good and of course.............leftovers, my favorite :)

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  1. YUMMMMMM. Your childhood food memories sound wonderful.
    Pecan pie, lamb & Caesar salad sound delicious also. My cousin, who is "taking over" the Christmas Eve Chinese food tradition ( that I started in the 80's ) from my sister who just downsized and is still unpacking, asked that I bring lemon squares. My sister is bringing soft gingersnap cookies ( a family fav. ).