Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Starting another new one

This one is going to be a landscape type of a post I saw near home. I just found it interesting, so took a photo and now I like it enough to make it permanent and into art.

Before washing
Here's process photos of the background that I painted. This first photo has been done in stages. First I painted the sky and another bright green. I put salt on the green to see what happened. Then I washed it out by hand, pressed it and went on to put the darker green over the light green. I tipped the platter the piece was on so the paint would (hopefully) run down and make tree tops. Well it needed a little help (and I can't leave stuff alone) so I used a toothpick and made pointy tree tops.
After washing

Once that was dry, I then pressed it and thought about it. Then washed it in hot water in the washer.
I like the way that came out and it is what I wanted. Pretty successful all around. Now to cut out and applique the post and tree for the center. (all this stuff is done in the dead of the morning as we are renovating my son's bedroom too.)

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  1. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your process, I am loving this so far - it's looking sort of misty like the fog rising in the woods. I am from the adirondacks so I have seen the mood/ image you are going for.