Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tis the season

To be so busy that you just don't have a minute to do much, except keep up with family.

Happy Holidays!
Sunday is our 35th Wedding Anniversary! We will probably go out to eat (yah! I don't have to cook) and maybe see the exhibit at the Museum of Science - Pompeii.
Not very romantic, but I know I'll never get to Italy to see the real Pompeii, so why not take advantage of it?

I finished applique on my Marsh Marigolds and started another small wall art, this one will be a Purple Trillium. Just rounding out my wildflower collection.
So, I have a line up of:
-Marsh Marigolds
-Common Grackle
-Purple Trillium
-Post with a Tree (sounds boring, but I liked it and that's what really counts)
I need a couple more to make up the balance of my work for spring jury for the League.

Talked with a gallery owner about my work in his gallery after the holidays. Could be a good place to market my work. I hear it is a busy place, most of the year.
I dumped out my scrap bag to see what I have..................hhhmmmm, looks like lots of small scraps.

In my mind, I am planning to do some fabric printing and stuff like that after Christmas when the weather gets cold and nasty.

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