Friday, July 15, 2011

Here's the Purple Bag!

In reading all kinds of instructions and things about the Soft & Stable, they recommend using a walking foot!!!!!  I'm still waiting. The store said this upcoming week....hhmmm.

So anyway, here's a pic of the Purple Bag with Many Mistakes. It was a fight to the end! I did enjoy making it, but not taking off and putting on the closure and handle multiple times. I should PAY ATTENTION to what I am doing and not let my enthusiasm get in the way of doing it right.
The button (which is decorative) is a piece of Wampum.

Here's the bag in all it's glory. The next one will be better, I am sure.


  1. LOVE your newest creation! Will there be more like it?

  2. YES! I have another purple bag in the works. Then a green one, then a blue one and all will be different.

  3. Whoops...clearly didn't read the last sentence! Glad that there WILL be more bags!