Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Blue/Batik Bag

Front of finished bag.
I finished the blue bag - neede to go to the store yesterday and get some more thread. The Texture Magic needs to be sewn all over and this took a bit of thread.

I must be slow or something because it felt like it took forever to do this.

So, now it is done and steamed, assembled and finished. Next time I will do just smaller pieces of fabric with Texture Magic as this was a lot of work - too much for a lazy daisy like me.

Back of bag with different stitching pattern.
I like how it came out and will do another in the same shape, but with different things going on.

Next for color will be greens.

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  1. I love the bag - I'm wondering though -- is our "forever" longer than other artists. My husband and I were talking about this yesterday --- how much time fiber artists put into work compared to other media - hmmm!!