Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tea is sticky

This is a known fact if you put sugar into it :) Well, I do and after several hours of having a nice time with the new hand bag I started, decided it was enough and it was time to go sit and relax for a while.
As I turned around at the sewing machine to get up - mug in hand - I seemed to have accidentally hit the top of the sewing machine and down came the mug 3/4 full!
I got soaked, my hand bag front got soaked, tea flew all over the place - BUT it didn't touch my new machine :)
Was I thrilled!!!!  As I stood there dripping, I was just so happy to have missed the machine that I hesitated a bit and then dashed for something to sop up the mess.
Of course this got my DH's attention and I then got more help cleaning up than I really wanted, but appreciated it anyway.
I cleaned me up last. Hand bag front was soaked, but I ran it under water immediately and it sits drying right now.
Just a typical day with me  :)

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  1. Hi, Carol! I found you by reading our own blog! This post is so coincidental to me, because only yesterday I had a tea disaster. I have a new iced tea maker. I know, that sounds silly and indulgent, but really, it makes super good iced tea, which in Texas with these 100+ temps we've been having is almost a necessity. Anyway, I got the thing all set up and going and I heard it rumbling and grumbling as I cooked dinner. Then I turned around. I had not pushed the pitcher under the spout sufficiently, and most of the tea ended up on the counter, dripping down the front of my drawers and cabinets, and pooling on the floor! I let out a yell and MY DH came running and quickly started sopping it up with paper towels and dish towels. What a mess! But at least at that point, nothing had been added to the tea that would have made it sticky!