Friday, July 29, 2011

Thread and how it reproduces?

I got a load of thread yesterday in the mail. NICE! I am very happy and just need to use it and test it to see the quality - or not quality that is to be determined. Actually it woulld be more like does it work of me or not?

One is Egyptian Cotton, one is Polyester and then I got a sample spool of Trilobal Polyester. Colors? I got blues and greens and imagined I got purples, but that was just my imagination.

Today I will be staying in again - too humid for me - and trying to finish up my second purple bag. I started this one a couple of weeks ago and kept putting it aside to do something more interesting :)   Like buy thread.

We have two fun things coming up in the next few weeks here. The League of NH Craftsmen's Fair at Sunapee, NH and the Mancuso Quilt Show in Manchester, NH. I plan on going to both.
Actually can't wait, but will have to as that is how time goes.

I have become addicted to two tv shows on BBC America. Top Gear and Chef Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. Top Gear, BBC, is just interesting and funny (Top Gear America is just boring) I like that English humor rather than the old boy stuff.
Chef Ramsey.........well, there is a certain fascination with how some restaurants are run that interests me. Now, I try not to think about it when I eat out. AND, I do like cooking shows, so it sort of clicks. Better than watching Say Yes to the Dress.

I am still limited on what I can do with my hand. I started making some silk flower corsages. Those are fun, but tire my hand muscles out fast, so those are slow.

The call of the dye is in the air though.

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  1. AND...the Art Quilts at The Whistler & Art Quilts at The Brush Gallery in Lowell!