Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mi Vida Loca

Yesterday, nice and early,  I was all efficient and got the post ready to go, the banking in my hot little hands and off to PT and errands I went.

Sounds normal, right? Did the bank and post office just fine. Got to PT only to find out I was there on the wrong day - typical me  :) So I went for a walk instead.

When I got home I thought I would play with my new walking foot. I had started a needle keeper before I went out, and thought it would be good to see how well the walking foot did it's job.
This one gave me a bit of a problem. After fiddling around with it for about 40 minutes I came to the conclusion that maybe it was the one-handed woman fault and not the foot - it just wouldn't go onto the machine.
So, off to the sewing store, and while I was in Nashua over to the gallery to deliver some jewelry.
Got to the store and asked for either lessons in what I am doing wrong or this foot just doesn't fit.
I am pleased to say that it wasn't me and the wrong foot had been ordered. Another replacement foot on order (they called Bernina to make sure of the serial number) and  a bobbin keeper later, I was on my way home and happy that it wasn't me.

We'll see what adventures await today because I have PT.........really :)

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