Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Really Purple Bag With Many Mistakes

After many weeks of a lot of inactivity, I have finally returned to the sewing machine (hand sewing is still limited, but I can do that too.)
So I started a handbag of my own design, using purple fabrics I had and a fat quarter or two I picked up at the store.

Sewed the outside all together. Didn't like it - took it apart. Cut the support stuff out and then free motion stitched a story on the bag - very short, but words none the less. Sewed it together again with the support stuff so it doesn't flop around. Added the bottom.

It is sitting there right now waiting for me to finish attaching the bottom support stuff. Then I will cut out the lining, make the handle and add that, turn it all right side out and voila!
I will have: A Really Purple Bag With Many Mistakes! Yes, that is what I stitched on it.

I suppose I could have used a pattern, but I just plowed ahead like usual and I know I will like it when it is done. This is my test bag - to test the stiff stuff that is in the middle to see if I like it or not. So far.............I like it. It makes the bag stand up nicely. It's called Soft & Stable and it is a foam core lined material. It sews nicely and free motions great.

Next to try on another bag is Texture Magic - we'll see how that performs too.

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