Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thread II

So to continue the thread discussion which I went off of.................. I took out all my spools with only a little thread on them and put them in a bag. I then put all my top stitch thread in the top drawer (how appropriate, eh?)

Larger spools in the second and smaller spools in the third. I then ran out of room to put any more, so I had to sneak the skinny spools in the back of the second and third drawer in a double row. I can see all the colors and reach in and get whatever one I want without digging and having a zillion thread ends all tangled. That was definitely a job for a neat freak. (I did not put them in color coordinated order - I will leave that for another day.)  :)

After that I worked on the purple bag again, ate lunch, applied for a job at Apple. That was answered within 10 minutes and now I have a phone interview coming up on Wednesday.

Why did I apply? Well we have been thinking about a lot of upcoming expenses and I occasionally do work to help out. The bulk of my time though, I spend on my art, which is a perfect place to be.

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