Monday, May 16, 2011

Adding words to my stories

Don't know why some things occur to me later rather than sooner, but I added stories to my pages of stitched stories and silk vessels. Later today? I will try to add my scarf page. (Finished it a few minutes ago - check it out!)

Cleaned and posted the 930 for sale - check! DH's birthday today, make apple pie - check! (pie is one of the things I really hate doing, by the way.) Been cooking all day..........lunch, then making turkey soup and picked a chicken for pot pie. Getting ready for surgery on Wednesday.......I need to eat and no one really likes to cook here. One of my sons lives in CA and he is an awesome cook, but can't eat long distance like that :)


  1. I'll pray on Wednesday! Will your husband save a piece of pie for me :) How long will your hands be out of commission??

  2. The Pie is excellent! I'm not sure if you can get here fast enough for a piece :)
    Thank you for your prayers and concerns - it makes a difference.
    Dr. said a 6 week recovery, but we'll see. I have been through this once before - slightly different, but doing things one handed isn't as difficult as you think.
    I will still be writing though :)