Monday, May 9, 2011

Jury Day!

All is in readiness. I just finished photographing the finished pieces and posting them on my gallery page.I have a few more photos to put up of something else, but that will be tomorrow morning.

I have one scarf that just won't cooperate and I have overdyed it twice and it just won't! (scratches head has puzzled look on face.) I may never figure it out, but I am planning on just stamping and printing on it now, not really what I intended, but I'm sure it will be fine :)

Nervous? Not yet.


  1. Good Luck and remember - I already LOVE your work!!!

  2. Your going to blow them away!!!

  3. I am not familiar with this process so thanks for describing it. I'd be a nervous wreck! Your bird is not only beautiful, it's charming. I hope the judges see it that way--we all know that judges can be maddeningly obtuse at times!