Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Scarf page is up and running!

I got that done in between cooking yesterday. Any suggestions on how to take better photos of scarves? They are so long!

I got a Call for Artists yesterday for the League Exhibit which will be in the new building. Photos for the post card are due June 24th. I may take some today. This would be for my jewelry, not the fabric work. Now what to submit.....not sure, I need ot look around and see what I have for sale.

I think I have a buyer for the machine. Should be picked up today and if so, well..........that's done!

This just occurred to me............I wonder if one could use a salad spinner for small dyed pieces to wring out the water while rinsing. Maybe not enough velocity? Just looking for another hand :) I looked up that spinner on Dharma and it is mainly for wringing water out of already washed fabrics. I guess the salad spinner should be used for .............salad!

Enough said.

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  1. I had same problem, do you do a long boring shot or drap it around foam wig head,what? I tried it all, even drapped one around a huge stuffed panda, very bad idea, but I was trying to think outside the box.
    So I looked at the scarf listinds on ETSY & the ones that grabbed my attention had an inteeresting looking model in creative poses.
    So I grabbed an uninhibted photograpic friend and we had a photo shoot. I think the results were attention grabbing, I'm not going to attempt self promotion, so if you have any interest in seeing examples, contact me. Then again, I sell art quilts more than scarfs!