Monday, May 2, 2011

Feeling the pressure!

One week from today I have my fabric jury. I am pretty much finished (only one piece to quilt) and then some assembly of hanging arrangements. BUT I am at the "am I good enough stage." I really hate that stage..............I seriously doubt my abilities and do realize that every artist goes through this at some point. Sometimes more than once.
So I will fall back on reading exerpts from "The Artist's Way Every Day: A Year of Creative Living."

>February 14th
As artists we often speak of our creations as our "brainchildren," but we forget that our ideas and dreams impregnate us. We are inhabited by a larger life than we know. As we doubt our own identity, that identity is still guiding us still nudging us to our rightful path. We may doubt our creative viability but, like children who will be born, our dreams and desires nudge us forward. Something larger and finer than we know calls us to be larger and finer than we dare. So we act on faith, descend into doubt, and watch in amazement as our dreams carry us forward with a knowing of their own. Sometimes our dreams feel born despite us.<

Even though this is helpful, it still does not banish those  nasty thoughts of self doubt.
Enough said for today...........I really should do some work :)


  1. Carol, I'm not familiar with a fabric jury, but based on your work on-line your pieces look artistic and visually appealing. I believe anytime we are being evaluated it can result in some doubt...though I hope it doesn't prevent you from the enjoyment of the creative process.

  2. Sometimes I think its more about why we create. Do we create for ourselves?? or for others. . .if for once we selfishly keep it an "all-about-me" moment then what we think about our work is all that matters. If other like it - love it - buy it - well that's just icing on the cake! BTW - you know I'm a fan :)

  3. Yes, Nina_Marie, I know you are a fan, but I changed stuff on my blog so much I think I lost a lot of friends somewhere in cyberspace. Glad to have found you again.

  4. Your work is superb! But I completely "get" the fear and self doubt, unfortunately part of the process.