Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The day after my fabric/stitchery jury... and NEW work

So, went to my jury - they took a long time looking and talking about my work. I have been deferred until next jury in order to produce more work with a few improvements, mainly sewing tension and presentation of work. They really thought the frames overpowered the work.
Ok, so now I pick up my ego, dust it off and move onto more work before surgery next week.

I am introducing my Silk Vessels today! These are fun to make and has all the best involved: dyeing, sewing, shaping. Once shaped, I use a fabric stiffener/hardener and then - Voila!
You can see them on my Silk Vessel page. I have also changed the name of my Gallery page to Stitched Stories.........which each piece really is :)


  1. Remember the rule - take in the good advice and discount the bad! One thing I've really learned about juries - they really are just an opinion - and EVERYONE has one of those LOL!

  2. Thanks Nina-Marie, that is exactly what I plan to do :)