Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What did I do yesterday?

After the jury thing and thinking about it a bit, I decided to go get another bobbin case.
I bought a new machine instead.  Bernina 1008 - nothing fancy, but very much like the old machine, except better.
I figured if the bobbin case didn't do it, then I was back where I began. I had been looking for another machine for about a year and never really getting brave enough to buy one. I also had just reminded a friend that if she didn't get her new car, then it would be on her gravestone.............she wanted one, but never got it.....or something like that, you get my drift?
So, I listened to myself and bought a new machine! TA! DA!
Now I need an embroidery foot as this one doesn't come with one, but that's fine too. Later I will go get one..............and the story continues :)


  1. Your so funny! That new machine is just what the doctor ordered :)

  2. Yes, it must have been. I've had the older one for 24 years and it was used when i got it :)
    Sort of like a car, I'm the second owner :)

  3. LOL! nothing like a new machine to sooth the soul LOL! Did I tell you that I'm saving my pennies for a Janome Horizon?! Half way there!! Let us know how you're liking your Bernina!

  4. I just took a close look at the Stitched Stories and your stitching looks great! Don't listen to that part! How do you line up a jury, anyway?

    Congratulations on the new machine. I love my Bernina Artista 170.

  5. Hi Tina,
    Lining up a jury all depends on the organization. This one I applied for is the oldest in the country 77 years and is famous in these parts.
    So for that I apply with(an application) artist statement, and all kinds of stuff for information. You also need to submit at least 6 photos of your work, then wait until contacted. Once contacted, a jury date/session is made available. This takes a bit of coordination on the Chairman's part (I know her and am glad it isn't my job.)
    Then you go in and present your work. The verdict is conditional acceptance (based on 3 more work reviews,) deferral, like I got until the next jury session or denial - your work either does not fit any of the categories of art in the organization, or just isn't up to jury standards and they feel it never will be.
    So, at least I still have a chance and the jury session was very positive and worth my time :)