Thursday, May 5, 2011

This one is ready to fly!

Blue Bird, process shot
So, after a bit of procrastination and a small argument with my sewing machine, I finally finished the Blue Bird. He still has his basting, but I usually put the piece on the wall and take a photo so that I can see on the computer what the camera sees. It's pretty amazing how differently we vs. the camera sees things.
I came to the conclusion that this one is done.
Now I start framing/hanging the pieces in readiness to show Monday afternoon. They actually don't hang, just have to be ready to hang = finished work.

To those of you that don't know how an art jury works, I will run you through the process...............
(This pertains to my upcoming jury.)
First off, you have to apply to the organization for whatever you want to jury. This application is like any other application, ie: requires statements from you, photos of your work, things like that.
Then you are contacted by the Chairman of Jury. A date and time is set for you to come into the headquarters.
Once you arrive, you tell the receptionist that you are here. All this is easy, right? So while you wait, you get to admire the latest exhibit.
The Jury Chairman comes to get you and escorts you to the jury room. You are introduced to your jurors and present you work. You discuss your work with the jurors. Then the hard are asked to leave while your work is discussed and decided upon.
You are then asked to return to the jury room. Your work is then discussed with you and the decision is presented to you. (conditionally accepted, deferred, or rejected) All work is subjected to a set of standards for that particular medium. These standards are a guideline for the jurors and for you to go by.
Some work is more emotional than other work. By that I mean, I have more of "me" in my fabric work than I do in my other work. I express myself openly and freely with fabric and really enjoy it.
So, now you see where the scarry part comes in........opening oneself to criticism and judgement.
I have a lot of confidence in my work, but that fails me when I am up against a situation like this.
I will take heart of my pieces sold as soon as it was seen by another artist I know and it must be pretty good :)

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