Thursday, May 12, 2011

Working on blog layout today.........

Sorry about any strange things happening :)

Yesterday I brought my new machine back (it had a cracked hande) and got a new one. The new one is now sitting in place of the old one in the sewing table my Father-in-law made just for me 20+ years ago. Norm only had to shave off a little on the wood free arm insert thing and make the hole bigger for hte electrical cord.
So, once in place, I sat down and tried it out................nice! It is not complicated (I like that in a machine - it doesn't talk back.)  Nice even stitching and I am just plain happy with it.
I started realy cleaning up the old one, mainly the accessories case, and foor pedal, things like that. Maybe tomorrow I will post it on Sew It's For Sale Yahoo group. I'll try there first, rather than E-Bay.

I really would like to make something...........a new handbag? Maybe a top? How about a machine cover - the one that comes with it has NO personality - I like that, a machine cover it is :)

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